Learning is Human

maize.PLUS is a learning platform with personalized content for curious individuals based on their own unique needs. Map your organization's internal skills and improve the overall innovation attitude from within – creating smarter, better and faster teams in the process.


Innovation at Your Fingertips.

maize.PLUS is an open and flexible platform that is home to engaging and meaningful micro-learning experiences.

Specifically curated courses, streams, quizzes, and dashboards help your team stay motivated and on track.


Once upon a time…

Start your experience with a narrative assessment.
Did you know that you could map your skills by simply reading a story? Personal reports provide continuous feedback and allow learners to constantly improve their understanding of the most relevant topics of the moment.


On the PLUS side.

maize.PLUS courses are designed with interactive exercises, GIFs, mini-videos, and narrative images that make it easier to learn on the go. Wherever you are, maize.PLUS will be by your side to help you turn the tide and learn what working in the information era is really about.

Collect badges and certifications to help users show HR what they know.