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It's not just a strategy: it's a mindset

It is important to have a strategy and stick to it, but if the people in the organization do not have a mindset that can understand and apply it, you get nowhere.

And to grow the right mindset while triggering change, we believe you might need a tool but also something else oppure oftentimes you want/need more than a tool: you want to use a whole strategy.

For over a decade, H-FARM has been working closely with organizations to develop and establish a change mindset across all levels.  We know how hard it can be, because we witnessed it first hand. All we learnt in our experience has informed the way is designed and developed.

That’s why is more than a tool: it’s a distillation of all the knowledge we accumulated over years. Moreover, it is constantly updated, as we keep on working with organizations to trigger change and foster innovation.

Good learning needs a good plan

To have people learning they need to understand why they are doing it. This builds up their motivation but also makes them aware of the process they're undergoing. Learning to learn is one of the main goals today in the case of adults. The world keeps changing: it is necessary to know how to deal with it.

This means supporting them develop their ability to learn, making them aware of why it is important. This way, people are empowered to become owners of their learning processes.maize. PLUS allows learners to acquire new information but also to connect actionable insights and new meanings, evolving the ability to think about things and learn from them.


We need to know what we know already if we want to grow further. That’s why we can help you test and evaluate the present knowledge of your population, in order to define meaningful, diversified, and realistic learning goals.


For a learning tool to be useful, people have to know it exists and how to use it. We can do all this thanks to specific communication campaigns we can design together.


We can organize games and challenges to engage people and keep them entertained and motivated.


Tell us your needs and let us design the perfect solution for you.

To each learner a road to make a difference.

As the road less traveled in Robert Frost’s poem, the path we choose can make all the difference. This is why there are several ways a learner’s path in can be personalized and differentiated.

As an organization, you can build and promote a specific path to selected individuals or whole groups of learners (based off seniority, BUs or other criterias). Moreover, the team can create custom content for your learners, and mix and match it with the original platform content to create unique combinations.

Monitoring the flow to keep it going

You can monitor progress effectively and keep track of your employees’ learning metrics through a dedicated dashboard, gaining awareness about your organization’s growth in knowledge.

Dashboard stats give an aggregated overview of the company’s performance divided by business unit, functional area, or country; they can also provide an overview on individual users' data.